June 2016

Bufonia stricta (Sm.) Gürke



Endemic species of Greece. Perennial but delicate plant, usually up to 7 cm, flowering stems with a characteristic "articulated" appearance, usually arcuate. The flower is white with 4 sepals and 4 slightly shorter petals. It grows both on limestone and ophiolite substrates at altitudes 5 - 2100 m. Flowering takes place from June to August, depending on the altitude.

It was originally described in 1809 as Moehringia stricta from a collection by J. Sibthorp in Kriti. Today it is considered that the species includes two subspecies: the typical subspecies with distribution in Sterea Ellas (Ymittos, Pateras, Kithairon, Gerania), Evvoia, Peloponnisos (Parnon) and Kriti; and subspecies cecconiana, endemic to Mount Idi. Plants of low altitude serpentine substrates, with more and taller stems, constitute an ecotypic variety, var. euboica, originally described from central Evvoia as Bufonia euboica.

Ymittos plants were described as var. hymettia (last collected in 1896). The species still survives at the peak area of Ymittos but it is now rare because a large part of its habitat is occupied by the antennas which have limited the plants at the margins of the constructions.

E. Kalogeropoulos & P. Delipetrou