October 2016

Nymphoides peltata (S. G. Gmel.) Kuntze



Nymphoides peltata (S. G. Gmel.) Kuntze is an aquatic macrophyte, which roots at the bottom of lakes, swamps and slow-moving rivers. Its long flexible stems allow its circular-cordate leaves with undulate margins to spread on the water surface, while its yellow-petaled flowers emerge a few centimeters above it. It is a Eurasian species that in Greece is spread in Northern and Southern Pindos, Sterea Hellas, North-Central and North-Eastern floristic regions. Its beauty has made it a popular garden plant and as many other aquatic plants, it has been deemed a weed in areas of the world outside the range of its natural occurrence, like the United States and New Zealand. Its flowering starts at May and can last up until October.

G. Poulis