September 2016

Horstrissea dolinicola Greuter, P. Gerstberger & B. Egli



Horstrissea dolinicola is a perennial herb; most of the plant grows underground. Its cylindrical root can be as long as 10 cm, whereas its leaves and inflorescences barely exceed 2-3 cm in height. This species was first described in 1990 and it is the only one belonging to the genus Horstrissea. It occurs only on Mt. Ida (Psiloritis mountain range) in central Crete at about 1500 m altitude, where it grows in a few limestone sinks (dolines). Its total population counts just a few dozen individuals in an area of about 3,000 m2. This species has been categorized as CR (Critically Endangered) and is considered as one of the Top 50 most threatened Mediterranean Island plants according to IUCN.

Mediterranean Plant Conservation Unit of MAICh