November 2017

Category: Plant of the Month

Spiranthes spiralis (L.) Chevall.



Spiranthes spiralis is an orchid, which, unlike all other orchids in our country that bloom in spring, blooms in the fall (September to November). It its name derives from the spiral arrangement of its flowers. The flowering stem grows right next to a rosette, whose life lasts for a vegetative period and then dries. From the base of the dried rosette grows the flowering stem, which carries up to 30 small whitewashed flowers. The lower flowers blossom earlier than those found at the top of the inflorescence. Pollination occurs with insects that are attracted by nectar. The species spreads in Europe, North Africa and Asia. In Greece, it is scattered on both the mainland and the islands, and we usually find it in meadows and sparse shrubs and forests. Like all orchids in our country, Spiranthes spiralis is protected by national legislation (PD 67/1981) and the CITES Convention.


D. Kontakos