January 2016

Arbutus unedo L.



The strawberry tree is an evergreen shrub (height 1.5-3 m), common in the Mediterranean Basin found in moist, wind-protected areas, in light and fertile soils, in forest edges and in limestone areas. The bark is rough, dull brown and exfoliating. Leaves are oval or lanceolate, bare, shiny and dark green, with short petiole and jagged edges. The flowers are white or pink shaded, bell shaped, in dense inflorescences. The fruit is spherical, fleshy and edible berry (diameter 1.5-2.0 cm), originally yellow-green and dark red when ripe, with a rough and granular surface. Seeds ovate, irregular (3x1.6 mm). Fruit ripening period: October to January.

E. Daskalakou